DeepMentor’s patented miniaturization technology (MAT) provides our partners with the most cost-effective customized solutions in the smart health care, smart retail, smart transportation, and smart home.


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Smart Factory

DeepLogMaker Edge AI AOI Defect Detection System

  • Exclusive cross-platform AI inference technology
  • Keep the original operation of the machines
Smart Retail

DeepLogMaker Edge AI Precision Marketing System

  • Co-execute eye-tracking, customer’s flow analysis and age & gender estimation for precise statistics by 15 fps on edge, which is 50 times of cloud analysis


Smart Traffic
DeepLogMaker Edge AI Smart Traffic System
  • Co-execute object detection, speed detection and event warning to make backend system integration easy
Smart Home

DeepLogMaker Edge AI Smart Lock System

  • DeepLogMaker AI smart lock for long-term care integrates our edge AI box system to keep taps on aging family members

Smart Community
DeepLogMaker Edge AI Surveillance System
  • Co-execute 3~4 AI algorithms to make surveillance system smart and easy-managing