DeepMentor’s patented miniaturization technology (MAT) provides our partners with the most cost-effective customized solutions in the smart health care, smart retail, smart transportation, and smart home.


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A handheld edge AI box that provides hardware and software total solution. It’s able to co-execute 3~4 algorithms with efficient power.

Introduce Our DMAI-900

  • CPU: Intel X86 @2.7GHz(burst) / 2.0GHz(base)
  • RAM/Storage: 8GB/128GB~1TB
  • TPU: 16TOPS(4 Coral TPU)
  • Power: 20W
  • I/O: USB3.0 /WIFI/BT/Ethernet/DP Altmode/SD/HDMI
  • H/W Video Codec: H.264/H.265/JPEG
  • Operating System: Linux/Windows Operating
  • Temperature: 0~70°C (Fanless)

This new product leverages Coral modules from Google that offers on-device DL model inference acceleration. It provides customers the opportunity to deploy their own Tensorflow Lite DL models on the device, to provide many unique AI capabilities at the edge, without the need to process DL data in the cloud or on backend server. For more information about Coral from Google, please visit