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Creating efficient and eco-friendly Edge AI,

bringing human convenience with sustainable development.

Embedded System Integration


DeepMentor Patented Miniaturization Technology

We successfully keep the advantages of Cloud AI on Edge AI!

As a result,

Deepmentor Edge AI can accurately recognize objects from different angles, day & night, and in adverse weather conditions.

Other Edge AI needs to deal with the inaccuracies of small AI algorithms and the cumbersome optimization.

DeepMentor Patented Automated AI IC Design

We automate the creation of circuit diagrams for AI models and their implementation on various FPGAs, significantly reducing the time and effort required to design AI IC chips.

DeepMentor’s exclusive automated technology offers miniaturization” and “hardening” capabilities for multiple large-scale professional AI algorithms, tailored to meet customers’ specific functional requirements. This innovative process results in the creation of an FSM (DeepLogCore AI IP). 

One key advantage of DeepMentor’s technology is its ability to eliminate the need for compilers and SDKs, avoiding the challenges related to the instruction set conversion difficulties and the risk of invalid circuits in chip design. Consequently, we are able to develop dedicated AI IP with a computing power utilization rate exceeding 90%, resulting in compact die areas and significant energy savings.

DeepMentor’s automated solution enables clients to easily and efficiently upgrade to next-generation AI solutions, ensuring faster time to market (within 3 months). The avoidance of software integration issues and concerns about labor shortages further simplifies the productization process for clients.

Why DeepMentor

DeepMentor is a team of experts with over a decade of theoretical research and practical experience in Edge computing IC design and system development.

Fast Development

DeepMentor Automated AI Chip Design Technology saves time to market from 1.5 year to 1~3 months.

Excellent AI Performance

Multiple accurate AI models can be executed simultaneously.

Low Power Consumption

AI IP compatible with the mature and low-cost processes (28~130nm).

Easy Deployment

Customized system integration and complete maintenance & retraining services.

Jack Wu - Founder / CEO

Ph.D. of CS, NTHU / Master of EE, NTU

"I hope that AI can truly be applied and popularized in our daily lives, and help various industries reduce their costs."


  • R&D Supervisor at Realtek and Zyxel
  • Over 20 years of IC and embedded system design development experience
  • Professional in interdisciplinary integration, high-performance system design, and EDA
  • 2 papers published in IEEE TCAD Journal, and 23 articles published in international A-class journal conference
  • Received the SASIMI Best Paper Award 2018
tie award

Our Latest AWARDS

  • 2022 Taipei Prominent Enterprise Award–R&D Excellence Award
  • 2022 Taiwan Innotech Expo Award
  • 2021 Subsidies & Incentives for Taipei Industry-Miniaturization Development Plan
  • 2021 The Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, MOEA 5th G Camp Double Award
  • 2021 The Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA AI Company Certificate–AI Chip/Software/Hardware Co-Design and Optimization
  • 8 national patents granted
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