On-premises Solution

Customized LLM

Domain-specific generative conversational AI

We assist clients in launching highly competitive proprietary domain-specific generative conversational AI services or achieving internal AI data-driven training. We offer end-to-end integration services to ensure smooth deployment from the cloud to on-premises environments. Leveraging DeepMentor's exclusive LLM automated training process, we can expedite the launch of your new AI services, allowing you to seize market opportunities.
Greatly Reduce Operational Costs
Standardized Integration of Enterprise Databases
Ensuring data privacy
High Accuracy of Targeted Content

Ensure the privacy and security of corporate confidential information & user personal data
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Compared to expensive cloud inference costs, on-premise solution can greatly reduce operational costs
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real-time synchronization integration of enterprise databases and backend AI service systems

LLM trained for a given task and dataset can be optimized for higher accuracy in generating targeted content

● LLM On-premises Deployment ●

Deploy customized LLM on premises!

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